My Mission

blogWhy do I blog?

I enjoy writing and I enjoy helping people. I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get everytime someone tells me that my work helped them in some way. The fact that doing what I enjoy also helps put food on the table while allowing me to donate to the charities I support makes it all the sweeter. Who knew that writing could be so fulfilling?

Why blog about online privacy?

Our online privacy is always under attack. From the searches we do to the shops we buy from and even the social networks we use to connect with family and friends, our personal information is in danger of being found out and used for all manner of nefarious purposes. This is why I chose to blog about online privacy. I want to help readers use the internet without fear of their private information being abused.

What questions do I answer?

I answer questions like: what should you know about the ins and outs of internet privacy, how to improve your online privacy, current events that could affect your online privacy, and more about internet privacy in general.

What questions do I ask?

I ask the same questions I ask myself whenever I encounter issues that could affect my own online privacy. My first few posts were the results of my own curiosity getting the better of me all those years ago.

What kinds of things will I write about?

I’m going to write about the questions I’ve already answered. I’m sticking to what I already know and leaving the grey areas for later (when I find out enough about them to give a definite answer).

Who are the readers I want to attract?

The readers I hope to attract are those that care about their online privacy enough to want to learn how to better protect it. Readers that are new to the whole online privacy issue will find the basics on how to improve their privacy while surfing the web. Likewise, I hope to provide new information to readers who are veterans of the online privacy world.

How will I do it?

I’m going to go about this as I experience it. I’ may have been in the online privacy niche long enough to call myself an “expert” but I’m still learning new things every day. What I already know, I’ll write about. What I’ve yet to know, I’ll find more about and then share it with you.