Charities That I Support

togetherSometimes we may find ourselves in a situation that we just can’t pull out of without a helping hand. Being exposed to the realities of modern society during my university years, I found that sometimes all a person needs are some words of encouragement and sometimes they need more.

This is why a portion of the profits I earn from this site or from any of my writing jobs will be donated to smaller local charities and non-profit organizations.

So, you’ll be glad to know that by supporting this site or hiring me, you’re not only allowing me to help your business but you’d also be helping all the charities that I support.

(Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn about this matter so I won’t name them specifically)

I believe that most of today’s problems can be solved if more people were educated and the best time to start is always during our formative years as kids. Sadly many children don’t receive a proper education because they come from broken families. This is why I donate to a local children’s charity that helps children from broken families get some much-needed support and education by providing them books and other school materials as well as helping develop their artistic talents through poetry, literature, and theatre arts.

As the great painter Bob Ross said: “Everyone needs a friend”. No family would be complete without a family pet. But, what happens when those pets get lost, abused, or abandoned? Don’t they deserve a family too? This is why I also support a non-profit, humane, organization that focuses on rescuing lost pets, strays, and animals who were victims of abuse and neglect and then finding them good foster homes before they get adopted by a suitable forever home.

Everyone is born unique. However, there are times when that uniqueness becomes a handicap. This would often lead to a lifetime of self-pity and a feeling of helplessness without a conducive environment that provides support and care. Which is why I also donate to a local charity for disabled children that looks to develop their self-confidence and enthusiasm for life by introducing them to sports like soccer and basketball and by sponsoring local events for these sports.

Finally, I also support a charity that seeks to raise awareness of women’s breast and ovarian cancer while providing funding for research into these diseases.